I'm Stef

The Person I'm not

tall, male, Kindle addict, rugby players stalker, unreliable, fire extinguishers hunter, active cosplayer, perfect, on Twitter, binge watcher, dolphin lover, gymnast, Happiness Engineer at Automattic, early bird, Sardinian, anatomic pathologist, driver, English speaker, master of none, mother, spinach lover, tidy, Olympian, parabolist, Dexter’s victim, sister, body builder, Dante Alighieri, on Facebook, PHP learner, wands maker, cheerleader, Customer support whisperer, Google Partners accredited Fringe agent, racist, smiling, Legend, satanist, runner, opera singer, dinosaur, pizza maker, Popeye, social media strategist, in love, wife, SEO manager at Wauwaa WordPress evangelist, blessed, god, mystery fiction storyteller, digital nomaddel>, unruly, America discoverer, gym rat, jack of all trades, photon, nonphotobiotic, steroids user, dog owner, Spock, Gryffindor, on LinkedIn, kids’ scarer, cricket fanatic, CSS friend, headacher, hornet, Instagrammer, raider of the Lost Ark, bowler, magical, Drupal connoisseur, black hat wearer, JavaScript padawan, On Snapchat (stefmattana), master Jedi, air guitar competitor, romanticist, Italian speaker, ninja, Wonder Woman, checklist aficionado, sad, washing machine safe, WeWorker, Manila bean, prankster, Mandarin speaker, blogger, docker, pasta junkie, data obsessed, Batman, negative, curly, can opener, vegan, daughter, hater, skulls collector, vegetarian, Wii player, you, xilophonist, party animal, retired, Amazon bestseller author, whiny, balsamic, Chase Williams alterego, message in a bottle, virulent, creature of habits, backlinks hooligan, princess, Spanish speaker, good listener, HTML savvy, consultant, shallow, engaged, loser, ex-pat, snake, supernatural, sloppy, stupid, minipony, expert swimmer, creative, ice on roads traumatised, blue blooded, married with Franz, chubby, dull

The People I work/worked with

Automattic, Happytables, Vape Emporium, The Internet Works, wauwaa.com*, A+, onrugby, The Hot Sauce Club, Martina Munzittu, Murder In Common, Istituto Italiano Design, Perugia City, Rugby 1823, Noomray, Dilit International House

* The site doesn't exist anymore :-(